What is DevOps really

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Lately, I started to receive some contacts from recruiting people offering me some interesting job position as “DevOps Engineer”, but after an analysis of those offerings I always discovered that the job is really an “IT Operation” position.
So, I started to looking for some “DevOps Engineer” job position in IT companies… and I noticed a little bit of misunderstanding, in my opinion, about DevOps.

As we all know, there is no standard definition about what is DevOps, but, as the term suggest, it should be a mix of Development and Operations.
So, a DevOps Engineer is an engineer that:

  • could develop and review an application,
  • could use a source code management tool (e.g. Git),
  • could use Continuous Integration tools (e.g. Jenkins),
  • could test an application,
  • could monitor an application,
  • could configure and manage an infrastructure where an application could run.

A DevOps Engineer is a developer, a tester, an IT Operation guy, a reviewer, etc. He (or she) applies Agile Methodologies in his (her) works, and he (she) could be interested in Security, Data Analytics and/or Site Reliability Engine, depending on the project he (she) is working on.

In my honest opinion, a job position regarding a DevOps Engineer must include all those aspects.

Originally published at https://gabriele-decapoa.github.io.



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