Have fun with Slack default commands

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The way we work is continuously changing: we need to interact with each other more frequently, in an asynchronous mode, in any different place.

At the beginning there was IRC, but this chat protocol is not so secure. So, many applications was developed during the years to improve collaborations; one of those is Slack.

Slack is an Instant Messaging software, that allows to group your discussions in channels, make them private, contact a person directly also via voice and video call. It could be a very useful collaboration tool, if you use it in right way. Like other programs, Slack defines keyboard shortcuts to improve usability, but defines also commands as additional shortcut for periodic actions, like enable “Do Not Disturb” mode, set up a reminder or invite an user into a channel.

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Gabriele de Capoa

Gabriele de Capoa


Cloud software engineer, wanna-be data scientist, former Scrum Master. Agile, DevOps, Kubernetes and SQL are my top topics.